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Attentats-suicides : violence et religion

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Olivier Abel


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couverture du livre 'Éthique et changement climatique' par Olivier AbelPublications

Opening Up and Closing Off


Plural Voices
Par Clotilde Viannay & Philippe Vasset
avec "Opening Up and Closing Off" par Olivier Abel
Plural Voices 2009


Summary :

Our times are characterised by globalism and pluralism. Both characteristics are strongly intertwined. The aim of this book is to contribute to the reflection on everyday practical issues as well as on conceptual frameworks regarding a multicultural and a multireligious Europe. The reader will find texts about philosophical problems, theoretical presuppositions and the ethical problems involved in taking political decisions on multiculturalism. Other articles deal with theological challenges and methodological issues that are useful for people trying to understand the multireligious nature of our times. The authors have various cultural, academic and methodological backgrounds, but share one thing: they all have been engaged in religious meetings and dialogues. The broad spectrum of writers and themes reflects the guiding principle of Plural Voices: many issues have to be discussed from different perspectives in order to try to understand interreligious relations.

Dans cet ouvrage collectif :
"Opening Up and Closing Off" par Olivier Abel, pages 23